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About Us


ADXPRESSO is the initiative of a team of young creatives from different walks of life. We noticed the need in the market of businesses and individuals wanting to make an online presence and the existing solution providers meting out to them the same old banal solutions and swindling them of their money, capitalizing on jargon that the clients don't quite understand. So we decided to come up with Adxpresso to provide simple, creative and effective online solutions with complete transparency for our clients, educating them about what we're doing for them so that they are made competent to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of internet.

After all, if there's a simpler way, why do it any other way???


We provide customized creative solutions for your advertising and marketing needs online. Our modus operandi is different from online ad agencies. We operate in no defined limitations and often come up with innovative and unconventional solutions. We also cater to your offline creative needs like logo, poster and print ad- making.

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There is none. No "Conditions Apllied". Not because we are angels but because we are passionate about our work and would have done it anyway!! ONE LAST TIME.. WHY ADXPRESSO??
Because we have a team of creatives from all walks of life. So no matter what your business is, we understand it. Because we have been observing online communities for a loooong time now. And because we have a keen sense of observation to know what sells online and where.


You pay up only when you are satisfied with our work. No catch here!!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Iphone Application Development, Facebook Application Development, Web Development.

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Cell: +91-95 60 45 24 24
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