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Case Study

Zion Education

Client Testimonial:
Real People with Real talent. They made our web presence felt among our target clients saved us more than Rs.40,000/-. Vaibhal Mittal - Zion Education.

With more than 10 years of teaching experience to the MBA aspirants, Vaibhav Mittal started his own MBA coaching classes in delhi. He knew that students know him by his name, but since CAT has become online he knew that the web presence has become very important especially for the new players in the market. He wanted his web presence better than the already established players such as IMS, Time, PT etc.

He came to us for a whole-sum solution of web presence in which he wanted to make an informative website of his coaching institute along with the blog for his students and readers. He also wanted the customised web-solutions such as downloading of MBA material, important CAT lessons only for his regular students . In this way he wanted to reach out to the prospective students along with catering of regular students.

Since Zion Education was a start-up they had a limited budget, also they had zero knowledge of Web Industry. So first of all we guide/consult them about the working of Web and the possible solution, in their budget, of their project. Secondly, we did the web/portal development along with the Online Marketing for Zion Education.

Since they had a limited budget, we suggested them to go for Open-Source Solutions so that they don't have spend on source code development. They just had to spend on customisation. We proposed them to go with Joomla Platform within which they can build their informative/static website, and also make a dynamic blog which will cater to both their regular students along with new loyal readers/customers. Since Zion was new in the market they wanted some quick result/customer so we suggested them to go for Search Engine Marketing(SEM) instead of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). So we designed an Adwords campaign for Zion and brought leads for Zion Education which helped them grow their business. After all every business needs the address of the interested customer, and we did that for them.

Zion Education generated business which in turn helped them to increase their marketing budget. Today they are also availing our SMO and SMM service.

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